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Storytelling that fuels greatness.

Hi, I'm Chris Weller. I've been a professional writer, editor, and filmmaker for 11 years. Wanna hear a story?

Once upon a time, influential people and companies succeeded when they sounded like everyone else. Every day, they told stories about themselves that were safe and boring.


One day a thing called the Internet came along, and then social media. Suddenly, everyone had a platform to broadcast their individuality, and customers began to prefer vulnerability to detachment. The model had flipped.


Pretty soon, authentic storytelling became the primary way that people connected with influential organizations and brands. Until finally, the only way you can create a devoted following today is by aligning all aspects of your story to support your mission.

That's why I started 1-Across, to elevate thought leaders' storytelling so they can become singular voices in their field and earn the recognition they deserve.

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Whether you need a storytelling strategy for your organization; want to write a series of op-eds or white papers; or are authoring your first book or your fifth, 1-Across can take you to the next level.


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  • Content Strategy 

  • Ghost Writing

  • Book Consulting 

  • Writing

  • Editing

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  • Company Positioning 

  • In-House Content Projects

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  • Thought Leadership Articles

Your story, told the right way

Feel supported

Chris has a natural gift for fostering meaning and activating emotional appeal in all his work. He's a thoughtful listener who adapts his voice to that of his clients, yet still conveys his professional expertise. A great partner and collaborator!
           Mary Slaughter
           Morningstar, Global Head of Employee Experience
The best of the best!!!
           Leanne Hyer
           Wix, Senior Manager
Hire this man! He made every article I wrote demonstrably better.
           Rebecca Knight
           Insider, Senior Correspondent
Best writer I know. Lightning quick mind, impeccable listener, and joyful to work with. I'll say it again. Hire. This Man.
              Gabriel Berezin
              EY, Director

Experience you can trust

Stories are like people. They each have different needs. We take care of them all.

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